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RFM Seating

Since 2010, Defteling has been updating the marketing collateral for RFM Seating. Tasked with attracting architects and interior designers in the East Coast market, Defteling used a minimalist design approach with plenty of white space and limited blocks of color. The new look has been very successful, helping the company generate record sales.

The existing design of the 88-page pricelist was updated to incorporate the new look and make specific elements, such as product number and certain options, easier to locate. The main list is then revised to create two variations for government and state sectors, resulting in a total of three pricers each year.

To tie in with other print collateral such as the product binder and pricelist, Defteling chose to use a checkerboard pattern on the fabric card covers to reinforce the message of offering a wide variety of fabric options.

This branded build-your-own-chair kit was a fun trade show give-away that garnered lots of attention in the industry – sales reps and architects alike were clamoring to have their own paper chair grace their office shelves.